Michael Pitt by Mason Poole for Flaunt Magazine

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Put your iPod on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs. No skipping! Pass it on to 5 other people.

  1. breathe me - sia
  2. empty - lianne la havas
  3. sandcastle disco - solange
  4. hardest of hearts - florence and the machine
  5. do it to me - usher
  6. national anthem - lana del rey
  7. falsetto - the dream
  8. gold digger- kanye west
  9. that girl - pharrell
  10. the love club - lorde

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Italy + Water  x


Kat Graham for Warner Bros. Portraits at Comic-Con 2014

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So excited to share these stunning photos of #LizzyCaplan by janacruder for thewrapon! So beautiful. Retouching by @katecoats

'14 ESPYs' outfits featuring this year's host, Drake edits.


Back in April we reported on 15-year-old Houston teen, Kennedy Brown, who was battling brain cancer. It is with extreme sadness that I must pass along the news that she passed away this morning.

Drake was Kennedy’s favorite artist and her big wish was to meet him. To help make this happen, Kennedy’s family and friends started the hashtag #DrakeForKen on Twitter and it quickly took off. Various news outlets picked up the story and soon it was everywhere. Drake took notice and despite his schedule flew out to meet Kennedy in her Houston home. After his visit, he took to Instagram to share various pictures of Kennedy and her friends. Kennedy’s dad reported that after Drake’s visit Kennedy didn’t need her medicine for 5 hours because she was on such a high.

I’m glad that Drake was able to meet Kennedy while she was alive and spend some time with her. Rest In Peace to Kennedy Brown and our deepest sympathy to her family and friends.