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I think Kat’s interview may have been flagged which is why its not up anymore. So for those of you interested in kat’s fanstang interview here's the link for downloading. 

fyi: the video quality was kinda poor when I downloaded it sorry,

1beaut you’ve probably seen this already, but just in case! (:

I seen it! Thanks! 

People say my brother looks like Nick Cannon. What y’all think?

Candice Patton for Regard Magazine (October 2014)

Can you let your followers know Dear White People will be out nationwide on October 24th! It's only out in specific cities right now but it's gonna be available all over this upcoming weekend. :)

Two of the most beautiful photos ever, and if you are not crying you are wrong. ♥♥♥

oliver in 1x04, “let’s go scooping”